Empiric instruction

Emergency Medicine Instructions (same for inpatient pediatris and outpatient medicine

Empiric Pediatric (2020 edition)

This game is intentionally difficult. We  recommend you play with a subset of cards for your first game. You can use this set of cards for 2-4 players and when you run out of antibiotics in the antibiotic deck just re-shuffle the discard pile and use it as the deck. 

Infection cards: 



Ciprofloxacin(1), Metronidazole(1), Azithromycin(2), Doxycycline(2), Penicillin(2), Amoxicillin(3), Amox/Clav(4), Cephalexin(1), Cefdinir(1), Ceftriaxone(2), Observation(2) and Call pharmacy(2)