Empiric Emergency Medicine

Empiric Pediatric

This game is intentionally difficult. We recommend you play with a subset of cards for your first game. You can use this set of cards for 2-4 players and when you run out of antibiotics in the antibiotic deck just re-shuffle the discard pile and use it as the deck.

Infection cards:



Ciprofloxacin(1), Metronidazole(1), Azithromycin(2), Doxycycline(2), Penicillin(2), Amoxicillin(3), Amox/Clav(4), Cephalexin(1), Cefdinir(1), Ceftriaxone(2), Observation(2) and Call pharmacy(2)

Solo Challange

Instructions for one player variation of the game

Requires coins or poker chips not included with printed set.


I typically use this with third year medical students on pediatric clerkship rotation.

  • One or more players.

  • Review the AAP otitis media guidelines. Provide these as pre-reading if you are using this for teaching. Focus on pages e976-e983 and tables 4 and 5.

  • Pull out infection cards p18-23 as well as antibiotics Amox(2), Amox/Clav(3), Observation (1), Cefdinir (1), Ceftriaxone (1).

  • One or more players match the antibiotics to the infections. There is more than one solution and two antibiotic cards will remain.

    • If more than one player start with the player earliest in training making the matches. Allow each player in increasing training adjust the answers and explain their thinking.

  • Review online content associated with each infection card in order 18-23.

Alternative Rules

This is an advanced more competitive version of the game that will require additional markers (poker chips, coins) to play beyond what is in the beta edition package.